I'm 33 years old bachelor of informatics & MCP,
currently residing near Vienna. Love technology, design,
nature and everything between

Hello random visitor,
Thanks for visiting this site. My interest in technology began back in my early childhood in the '80s. Growing up with the DIY magazines, electronic components and schemes at my parents' house and with a father who was electronics hobbyist, radio amateur and photographer has greatly influenced my area of interest. From the first contact with the Commodore 64 (1988.) and the book "BASIC", I started my long and interesting tech journey. Access to the BBS and Internet with 14.4 US Robotics modem in the late '90s sparked my curiosity for further research, better understanding and later, desire for creation of publicly available content. In the Technical High School I learned about electrical engineering and fell in love with electronics, controllers and automation. I used the knowledge to work in, and later to manage the electronic workshop department of local company which manufactures and sells consumer electronics and home appliances. I continued my education on FPMOZ faculty in informatics science where I further honed the skills and knowledge of programming, computer architecture, networks, machine learning, micro-controllers etc. Later, I gained valuable experience during few trainings in Oldenzaal (NL) for managing the electronic workshop in new company, and more later, web designing and developing experience in local IT company. In the meantime I have worked on various web projects as a freelancer, been an „computer guy“, repairing and maintaining hardware and software for fellow citizens and had several entrepreneurial projects, of which the last was co-founding the company for 3D modelling and 3D printing services, SpacePrint. Discovering and learning new technologies is my great pleasure, For being in shape and learning new skills I often use some of famous programming learning sites like Codecademy, CodinGame and FreeCodeCamp and online education sites like Udacity. I have also completed the MTA course for the development of HTML5 applications and a workshop for the development of Android applications.

Here are some of my projects
that I enjoyed to work on

Please be free to take a look at some of my Web, Graphic or 3D Modelling work. I would like to note that most of this web projects are not a demonstration of my skills but rather trade-offs of technology and desires of my clients.

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